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Retreats and Workshops
Dear Friends,

There are people who would love to attend one of these retreats or workshops and can not afford to do so.  It would be wonderful if you could make a donation of any amount to go towards a retreat or workshop for someone.  I thank you in advance for this lucky person! 

You can also use this 1st button to pay a balance due for your retreat or workshop.


A new Women's Spiritual Retreat

Ruth Fishel 
for women in a 12 step program and/or on a spiritual path to a joyful way of life
November 7-9
Dayspring Conference Conference Center
Parrish, Florida  
The 12 steps are a wonderful way of life for anyone.
Mindfulness is a wonderful way of life for anyone.
Mindfulness helps us with each step on our spiritual path lead a healthier, happier, more peaceful and joyful life.  
I think you will get a lot from the retreat, whether or not you are in a 12 step program.

      Bill W. studied Buddhism, Christianity, Judism, and many other  religions and spiritual practices.  Some of these teachings are incorporated  in the  12 steps of recovery. There are many similarities in both traditions and by studying them together we can deepen our own practice, grow spiritually and help others to be free fromsuffering.

      We will be enjoying mindfulness meditation, mindful walking, resting, eating, deep relaxation and sharing in small and larger groups. Bringing the energy of mindfulness to our thoughts, feelings and actions during the day transforms our lives and brings peace and joy to ourselves and others.  As we learn more about ourselves, our suffering, our place in the universe, our choices and our Higher Power, we gain new freedom, new happiness, healed relationships and a new way of life.
The 2 single rooms with private baths are taken. All other rooms are available.



To learn more about mindfulness at the Florida Community of Mindfulness, 6501 N. Nebraska, Tampa, FL
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