How We Can Help


Today (ninety degrees on CApe Cod-ouch!) I am providing help in the form of water for the birds outside.  They need it as much (maybe more ) than I do. Watching them drink and splash in the many bowls I filled is a delight to behold!  One simple gesture returned with ten-fold pleasure and gratitude.  I love to watch the birds and often am grateful that I don't share their lives which are so much more difficult than my own.

1. One thing that I do is to send out an email prayer list each Sunday.  I accompany that with some inspirational or thought provoking words (from Spirit). The prayer list began a few years ago when I was feeling helpless to donate money or go to disaster sights and then the inspiration came that I could organize a prayer effort.  About 90 people receive the list.Diana

2. Teach Yoga and meditation free at a recovery center. Susan

3. I try daily to read your wonderful messages but what I enjoy most is to take a peaceful walk and enjoy the beautiful spring weather God has given us.  Praise God.

4. I almost feel guilty writing about how I help because I feel I am the one getting helped in the work I do…my clients are the thrivers…

About 8 years ago I started volunteering in the Court System as a ‘SafePlan Advocate’… I assisted clients when they came to Court to get a Restraining er to protect themselves and their families.  After about 1.5 years I was offered a full time position doing that work and I took that position.  For the past two years I have been working as a Community Based Advocate --- helping clients put their lives on a different path to success in their lives.  I do this by teaching my clients about healthy relationships, about the impact of violence in their lives and how to cope with that impact by using tools such as mindfulness, exercise, etc.  I also give clients resources to get the help they might need financially, legally, educationally, socially, etc.  One of my client’s calls herself ‘one of Joyce’s thrivers’….

I do the above individually as well as in groups…

The other part of my position is being in the Community giving presentations as well as networking so that I know every resource available to help my clients get connected…;-)

I believe in peace, I practice mindfulness, and I have always wanted to be able to share with women in a way that would build self confidence, self esteem, and case them to be empowered.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be fortunate enough to my dream come true.  

5. The more difficult but gratifying is to look at someone whom I am ready to judge and remember that they want peace, love and the best for their children!
I have always been very judgmental, my sponsor is as delighted as I to have found a way out of that defect!
I want to tell you what I do that helps make my world brighter. As common as it is, anytime at all I'm out and about, I smile at EVERYONE!  the most dour, the bigger my smile!  Almost without exception, I get a small smile..sometimes a great toothy one!!  Again the results of even the most serious will break into a grin.  The smiling keeps my fase in the proper position, again,sometimes I make a "quick" friend!!

6. I decided after years of social work & volunteering that small, individual acts may mean the most. 
I visit a home bound elderly woman every week. I see my cousin in the nursing home regularly. After years of working with elderly seniors, I lead a chair exercise class weekly at a subsidized senior housing building. I house a music student intermittently. I bring flowers to many when my garden allows. Small acts of kindness. 
"To the world you may just be one person. To one person you may be the world!"

7. I do many things to help...but two key things are sharing my love of line dance and great music with others. I Teach the steps..and then encourage people to appreciate their bodies as they move with the music...and not to be afraid to express themselves.
The second way I help...is listen to anyone who wants to tell me something. Everyone needs to be heard, and deserves that, so I listen in a non - judgmental way...so that they know they are appreciated. Jane

8.  In 2010 I formed a group called ANGELS AT WORK in Ridgewood to help support Hope Family Services & The Salvation Army with their valuable services to the homeless & battered. Our community is 55 and older. We hold event in our community so that we can help to make the holidays brighter for those in the shelters. We also Feed the Hungry one day a week at the Salvation Army. Here's my web site for more information. http://www.orgsites.com/fl/friendsofaccord/index.html



I don’t speak very much in English but I can read a little bit For help I try to listen the best way I am capable to , somebody one day did it for me and he save my live A just want give back the best a can and most (souvent ) then a can Thanks ,Jeanne

I work at a grocery store. Each morning I ask to be a blessing to someone today.
For each person I encounter I find something true to compliment them on. A lot of folks just light up when they hear something nice (that's honest) about themselves.
On the few folks that are a tad grouchier it causes me to have to look a bit deeper to find something that is honest to say.But you know what? This also causes my awareness to be heightened and therefore shines the light on my own goodness that is true.Try to find anything good to do or recognize that doesn't cause the light to shine within yourself. It's impossible. You receive more than you can ever possibly give.
Mary Ann

What I do to help is put on by blog nice pictures and inspiring texts or video that speak to the heart.
I also smile and say hello to the persons that I encounter when I take a walk.
I invite a friend at my home to eat together.
I write a letter to a friend.
I take care of little kittens and their mother and I try to find a home for them.
I try to be gentle and patient even when my first reflex would be the contrary

I have read all of your books and give them to friends and clients regularly. I don't know how many copies of 'Time for Joy' I have bought but my husband is often heard to say "another one?" when he sees me open the package. Perhaps I should bulk-buy :-)
I now lead meditation groups and am a member of a group of 8 like-minded folk who meet on Tuesday evenings and take turns at leading the meditation and sending love andd healing to the universe.
My passion is around helping young folk to stay true to themselves.  I have now begun leading a small meditation group at our High school for pupils and also one for teachers. I am in the process of gaining a qualification to teach the teachers how to teach the kids meditation and know that the high school will be keen for me to use them as 'guinea pigs'
My voice has been found, not in small part because of you. I do daily meditation and daily affirmations. I seem to have 'blocks' of this but I notice that the space between these blocks is shrinking and I know that one day (maybe this time) I will simply keep going.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much help you give to me and those around me, through me. I forward your spiritlifter when it reminds me of someone and I guess you could add this wee thing that I do to your 'How I help' list
I make little postcards with angels and hearts on them and the words you have at the bottom of spiritlifters. I give the cards away to clients, friends and my meditation groups. 
May I be Happy
May I be Peaceful
May I be Free from suffering
May Everyone be Happy
May Everyone be Peaceful
May Evryone be Free from suffering.
I have one of these postcards with me and had it visible in our NYC room and here. Who knows who else may join in.

Please stay mindful of your breath,  the world needs us to practice,

"Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
Unknown Sage


www.ruthfishel.com for new retreats, workshops and classes

Email me at ruth@ruthfishel.com and let me know how you help.

Did I live my life fully?
Did I help people?
Did I make a difference?
Did I matter?

There are so many ways we can help eachother.
Many years ago Ram Dass wrote a wonderful book titled HOW CAN I HELP?
How do you help?
Let us know what you are doing or did or will do and I will list it with or without your name.
This will give others an ideas of how they, too, can help.
Let's create a long list and spread it to friends and family everywhere!
Here is a question you can ask yourself:
How can I make a difference?

"When I work in my beautiful garden, using only minimally invasive groundbreaking techniques and natural products, I feel I am doing some small in changing my world. 
When I change my world other worlds are changed also. Every person changes the world in some way. We can choose loveliness."