March 17,  2018
Dayspring conference Center
Parrish, Florida

Life is always offering us ways to grow but sometimes it feels too challenging. 
In this workshop, through supportive sharing and meditation, you will explore what currently feels challenging in your life and be offered guidance on how you can help yourself to feel like 'YOU CAN DO THIS', whatever 'THIS' is.

My dear friend Linsey is coming to Florida and is putting on this workshop. Linsey, who is a registered Bach practitioner and a Level 1 trainer of the Bach International Education Programme, has used these simple and safe emotional 'balancers' for the last fifteen years and has taught them to many people. The 38 Bach Flower remedies contain the energy of individual plants/trees which were found to balance a specific troubling emotion. They are taken orally or used topically and can help daily life feel easier to manage.

Linsey will explain how the Bach Rescue Remedy can provide emotional support during times of increased stress, by gently balancing negative-emotions including fear and impatience.

 Hours from 10 AM to 2PM
Only $40.00
Includes Lunch!!!

There are people who would love to attend one of these spiritulal  retreats or workshops and can not afford to do so.  It would be wonderful if you could make a donation of any amount to go towards a retreat or workshop for someone.  I thank you in advance for this lucky person!

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Dear Friends

Ruth Fishel Retreats and Workshops

Feb 25th

Ruth will give a talk at the service
"Healing The Peace and Love Within"
followed by a Powerful Guided Meditation
On Peace and Love
There will be a workshop following the service at 12:30. where there will be a book signing and a chance to meet Ruth directly after and a light lunch will be served.
See Ruth's website at: ruthfishel.com
Removing our Blocks to Love and Peace on our Spiritual Path
We will explore all that's holding us back from feeling peace and love and happiness in our hearts
 UNF University Center,
12000 Alumni Dr,
Rm 1008,
Rear of building by the lake


Please Join Us for a Half Day of
Saturday, March 10, 9am - 1pm
Florida Community of Mindfulness
6501 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa FL 33604

This half day is open to everyone, whether you are just beginning to meditate or have been meditating a long while. It is an opportunity to deepen your experience of the 11th Step (Prayer & Meditation).
We'll have guided meditations with instructions, related talks, and Q&A.
At 12:30, we'll break for fellowship and lunch. Please bring your own vegetarian bag lunch. The day will be led by Marilyn Warlick and Ruth Fishel, long time members of Florida Community of Mindfulness.

Marilyn is an LCSW recently retired from the VA Medical Center. She worked for over 20 years teaching in residential and outpatient substance abuse programs and homeless programs. She has been a practicing member of Florida Community of Mindfulness for over 10 years. She is a retreat and workshop leader and teaches for Meditation in Recovery.
Ruth has been meditating for over 38 years and has over 44 years of sobriety. Ruth leads workshops and retreats and is the author of a number of books. Some of these include: Time for Peace: Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in the World and Time for Joy. Ruth is a member of the Florida Community of Mindfulness.

There is a

coming up May 4-6 in
West Virginia 

CELEBRATE LIFE! Nourishing happiness in the present moment. We will unblock all that is holding us back from feeling peace and love and happiness in our hearts

Dear Friends, 

We are happy to announce the opening of registration for our Women's Meditation Retreat at Claymont Court, WV the weekend of May 4-6, 2018 with the theme
CELEBRATE LIFE! Nourishing happiness in the present moment.

We will unblock all that is in the way of anything that’s holding us back from feeling peace and love and happiness in our hearts.  We will enjoy mindful sitting, resting, walking, eating, sharing and gentle Qi Gong movements on a beautiful 350 acre farm near Harper's Ferry, WV, just 90 minutes from DC.

Click below for prices. Register below with a non-refundable deposit.  Or send your check to Joann at 7007 Aspen Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912.

Enjoy breathing, welcoming spring, nourishing joy in your life.


and will not be putting retreats on in Florida


so join us in WVA!